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One Profile

The CDP light

One Profile is a powerful application to analyze, structure and translate customer data into actions. It enables lightweight customer profiling for Salesforce. With a 360° customer view of interests and behavior, a real added value for targeted sales and marketing.

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See everything at a single glance with one tool.

How it works

One Profile integrates huge loads of data (from Marketing systems (Clicks, opens in eMail), ERP (purchase data) and Google Analytics (browsing on your webpage, clicking, viewing)). As a result this data is processed and in turn other systems are informed.


_ Connect multiple data sources all in one place
_ From data to insight to action within one tool
_ Customer 360° anytime, anywhere
_ 1:1 Personalization in marketing activities

Linking different data sources in one central place

With an out-of-the-box Google Analytics and Marketing Cloud connector, multiple data sources from different programs are linked together in One Profile. Thus, external data can be merged and analyzed in one clear customer profile.

Holistic view of all customer interactions

One Profile bridges the technology gap between different marketing tools and CRM. It enables the collection and consolidation of customer preferences and behavioral information from multiple sources.

Evaluating and understanding customers correctly

By assigning "interest tags", initial customer evaluations based on their interactions can be given directly usable to marketing. All marketing and sales teams benefit from the uniform use of customer data, which means that customers can be addressed in a structured manner.


Personalized targeting

With aggregated and cross-channel interaction data, marketing and sales activities can be aligned and customized. One Profile helps to understand what content should be placed where and when to target customers where they actually are.

Complete customer service with One Profile

By prioritizing service requests based on customer behavior, service resources are always allocated to the most relevant customers. This allows customer service to be successfully managed and planned in the long term.


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