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One Life

Next generation people management

Master workforce management in the digital age with One Life. Find, retain, and train talents with strategic KPIs and a new methodology based on a decade of research in this field.

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Encourage, motivate and develop employees

How it works

One Life empowers HR to drive value creation within an organization, attracting, retaining and developing talent.


_ All employee information in one place
_ Overview, evaluate and develop competencies and goals
_ Analyze and serve individual motivation factors
_ Adaptable processes and automation

Individual motivation analysis

With One Life, the motivational factors of employees, the team and the company can be analyzed, assessed and prioritized. This allows you to individually address different motivational factors and motivate employees in the long term.

Skill management

All employees' personal goals and competencies are centralized on one platform. Find the optimal assignment for your employees through structured feedback and competence analyses so that their full potential can be developed and enhanced.

Target agreements

Agree, track and measure goals together and reward them in the form of bonuses. With the help of SMART goals, employees can constantly develop their competencies and skills and influence their bonus through individual performance.


Own interface for all employees

By using the One Life Community, employees can access their personal HR documents, target agreements and competence profiles via smartphone or desktop.

Key takeaways

360° Profile

All information about employees in one central place.

Skills & Goals

Overview, evaluate and develop all competencies.


Analyze, prioritize and serve motivational factors.

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