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Link anything

The Adoption and productivity booster

Link Anything is a small tool with big power. Users can dynamically link information and content with just one component in Salesforce. This saves up to 50% of clicks and much time switching between applications or pages, as well as many unnecessary custom configurations.

App Exchange

One component, unlimited connections in Salesforce.

How it works

With Link Anything, users can link any type of content within Salesforce by adding a link with just two clicks. This can be important reports, account, opportunity, tasks, etc. as well as external links or even other software solutions. Therefore, users don't have to switch between applications or browser windows to get to the relevant content, saving valuable time.


_ Fast and easy implementation
_ Covers hundreds of use cases immediately after installation
_ Increased User Acceptance in Salesforce
_ Constantly clean Data Model

Permanently clean data structure

When building a Salesforce environment, compromises are often made to create a simple and maintainable data model. Custom requirements can also be met because users have the ability to link any content and create personal connections.

Room for individuality

Users can link and use the data relevant to them without interfering with the work of others. At the same time, they can always decide (with a rights and roles concept) whether the links should only be visible to themselves, their team or throughout the company.

All relevant data in one place, even when you're on the move

Link Anything gives you one-click mobile access to all relevant data on accounts, opportunities, events and more. This saves you a lot of time when researching and preparing customer appointments.


Process optimization with data-based decisions

A report provides an overview of the type and nature of the links added by Link Anything. Thus, changes to the data model and process optimizations can be made in the team on a strategic and data-based basis. As a result, you can take up requirements for linking in the company and implement them at an early stage.

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