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One Document

Your document cockpit

One Document combines a 360° view of all your documents with a great user experience by providing an integrated view and structured access. It integrates Salesforce with Salesforce Files and Sharepoint and is a real helper through automations and smart processes.

Rated by users as the "best integration of a DMS in Salesforce".

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Manage all documents centrally.

How it works

One Document turns Salesforce into your document cockpit by integrating your DMS securely and deeply.


_ Effectively save time through automation
_ Based on more than 15 years of DMS expertise
_ Only one place to search, create and store documents
_ Centralized information minimizes time and the risk of errors

Holistic integration with Salesforce

One Document provides a ready-made solution and integration of Microsoft Sharepoint with Salesforce. This allows users to use the full power and flexibility of Salesforce and Sharepoint while managing, editing and adding documents.

Centralized information

Never search for information or documents again. Salesforce becomes the central location for documents and information, no matter where they are. This eliminates the need to jump to other tools or programs. All information can be managed in the right place.

360° customer management

Central collaboration in Salesforce prevents duplicates and significantly increases the data quality of documents. By that all employees have the same level of knowledge. Whether from e-mails or documents of all kinds, the customer is always 360° in view.


Find relevant information quickly

One Document uses the global Salesforce search functionality. In this way, users can easily search for documents in SharePoint via Salesforce. This enables maximum usability and convenience, as Salesforce does not have to be left in order to find documents and also to edit them directly there.

Key Features

Lifecycle Management

Manage documents along their lifecycle, from creation to disposal.


Save time and increase productivity by using the full power of Salesforce Platform.

Document Cockpit

Find, view and manage all your documents from all angles.


Increase compliance around your documents.


Fully integrating MS Sharepoint online and Salesforce, to give you max flexibility.


Work together on documents anywhere and anytime.

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